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April 22, 2009

Luxury Outfits from Head to Toe

Author: Art-In-My-Closet

clothing_fashion_magazine_womansWhile fashion designers used to focus their efforts primarily on clothing, fashion has expanded over the years to envelope even more aspects of our lives. To that end, these designers have also branched out into shoes, handbags, and even fragrances. So if you’re a Marc Jacobs enthusiast, it is possible to sport a hobo bag, high heels, outfit, and scent all courtesy of the innovative and young designer. In this world of fashion, one of the most rapidly expanding industries is that of designer jewelry.

Whether you’re interested in classic, polished items or funky, quirky pieces, there is a designer that can accommodate your personal sense of style. Much like clothing designers have recognizable aesthetics, so too do jewelry designers. After a few lines, designers often settle into their particular look. And once they have that settled, they are able to build and expand on their basic concept.

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