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December 26, 2009

Artist Profile: Shellie David

Author: Cathy Lynn

shellie-david-pinThis pin and pendant combo showcases an aquamarine gemstone with 22k gold on sterling silver.

Aquamarine is said to bring pure love, peace and relaxes the solar plexus.

Shellie David Statement

I call myself a jewelry artist. I make jewelry with my hands, constantly changing my materials and techniques to accommodate new concepts. With my heart, my aim is to make beautiful things that will uplift the spirit of those who both see it and wear my work. My goal is to create three-dimensional images that look alive — if a completed piece looks as if it will get up and walk away — that to me is ART!

I am essentially self-taught. I begin with fabulous gems and minerals that I’m drawn to and choose for their earthy quality. I then add gold, silver and texture. I carve in wax, repousse, hammer in wood, and use rolled print metal. My work is always evolving; both in materials and images. As a result, my display cases reflect the different moods and styles I’ve developed. I hope you enjoy looking at and wearing my “little sculptures.”

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December 23, 2009

Artist Profile: Penelope Weinstein

Author: Cathy Lynn

blog_jigsaw_lArtist’s Statement
Penelope Weinstein creates necklaces from found objects for her signature jewelry line. Each piece is entirely unique and incorporates a range of unusual materials, such as pencils, milk tokens, buttons, or bullet casings.

Penny’s work focuses on the three-dimensionality of sculpture and jewelry. In creating this jewelry, she explores the interplay of antique and unusual objects with the textures of hand-knitted felted wool and other fibers.

See the artist’s handcrafted jewelry at Gallery Five.

penny-weinstein_survey weinstein_dsc5521lr

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December 19, 2009

Original Santa Dolls

Author: Cathy Lynn


santa-2Santa Dolls by Jennifer Gould delights young and old. He comes with white hair and beard of mohair and his bag stuffed full. Santa’s clothing fits your mood and decorating style from bright red to subtle dark green.

Dolls can be wallhung or seated.

Jennifer Gould, doll artist, makes a wide variety of dolls, both production pieces as well as one-of-a-kind dolls which have needle-sculpted faces, often including articulated hands which have all five fingers that are poseable, all wearing  her own hand-printed and hand-painted fabrics.

20% off thru December 2009

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December 16, 2009

Artist Profile: Jill Liztech

Author: Cathy Lynn

Handmade jewelry designed by Jill Elizabeth Liztech. Jill’s pins are perfect to adorn your winter wear, hold a scarf in place, or just dress up an outfit.  The reflective material used in Liztech’s art jewelry is Mirrored Chrome, an architectural laminate used as a mirror substitute. It is amazingly light, it won’t shatter or tarnish and it cleans right up with Windex! For heavy schmutz, liquid soap and a toothbrush, hot water, pat dry!

Jill has been creating jewelry since 1985, when a sample of high-tech laminate caught her fancy. She’s been creating positive images out of thoroughly modern materials. Her work has evolved from the simple whimsical to the inspring and spiritual imagery that it is today.

u-tree-bothThe first record of Christmas trees in America was for children in the German Moravian Church’s settlement in Bethlehem, PA – Christmas 1747. Actual trees were not decorated but wooden pyramids covered with evergreen branches were decorated with candles. In our little town of East Stroudsburg, PA, we gather for the lighting of a Unity Tree to celebrate and share the spirit of community and goodwill.

liztech-menorah-blogThe Jewish culture celebrates Hanukkah to mark the victory over the Syrians and the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple. The Festival of the Lights last for eight days to commemorate the miracle of the oil. Only a tiny jug of oil was found with enough for a single day. The oil lamp was filled and lit. Then a miracle occurred as the tiny amount of oil stayed lint not for one day, but for eight days.

Gallery Five’s collection of Jill Liztech pins: mermaid, cat, healing hand, soul sisters, Harriet’s Turtle, dragonfly, butterfly, shamrock, and more.
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rrclockdeskpend3Green since 1991, all of Resource Revival’s recycled products are unique and original designs, the result of 15+ years of constant innovation and refinement; and they are made by real people, not mass produced.  These make wonderful unique gifts for him.

Fun, functional products from recycled bicycle parts. They collect tons of discarded bicycle parts every year from bike shops all over the United States. Then their team of artists tinkers with them until new products are born. This is Resource Revival!

resource-revival-frame1The idea for Resource Revival came to Graham Bergh in 1991 when he got a flat tire biking to his recycling job in Portland, Oregon. In the years since his company, started in 1994, has grown slowly and steadily with the help of dozens of artists and recyclers. Today Graham is still actively involved in new product development and customer service, as is Jim Hassert, artist and philosopher, who joined Resource Revival in 2002.

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December 12, 2009

Heart Rattles

Author: admin

caroline-koons_dscf5604Caroline Koons fanciful hearts contain small grains of porcelain that make whimsical sounds when handled. Hang your bisque finished rattle on the wall, or display it on a table. Each is decorated with motifs that include fern leaves, delightful animals, and butterflies

Heart rattles are embellished with Caroline’s signature colors on the front and the back. Her ceramic art is very contemporary hand built porcelain with vibrant geometric patterns freely painted. It is functional and whimsical art.

Caroline personally executes every part of every piece she creates. She says she thrives on the physical involvement with clay; its movement and immediacy is like a dance for her soul. She uses many methods and techniques that she has learned and developed over 30 years of working with clay. Using porcelain clay, with its capacity for fine detail and lush color, she fabricates from thrown, sculpted, cast, and slab built forms.

caroline_koons-dscf5601Each piece is carefully planned, constructed, manipulated, and further treated with sprayed, and extruded textures until she is satisfied with its balance and intricacies. After careful drying, each piece is bisque fired. Then begins the glazing process of building up layers of stains and glazes by spraying and brushing. The glaze firing to 2200 degrees may reveal her finished piece but she adds several more firings with additional layers of colors and frequently uses gold leaf or 22k gold accents to complete the visual richness she desires.

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December 10, 2009

Use Chimes to Enhance the Energy Flow

Author: Cathy Lynn

sunsprite_2008-1sundollwindow-chimeA unique and wonderful gift idea at Gallery Five.

All of Sunblossom Indoor Solar Chimes provide you with magical chiming and movement. You will be delighted and soothed without needing wind or batteries. You will be presented with random, lilting tones drifting through the air.

Many Feng Shui practitioners use chimes to enhance the energy flow in a space. Sound and movement are powerful sources of increased energy flow. Solar chimes attract energy and keep it flowing indoors to create harmony for people within an environment.

Hear sweet, random melodies with these chimes struck by solar power.  Their play can be changed by turning the solar cell toward or away from the light source. This will increase or decrease activity. Alternatively, position the cell closer or farther away from the light.  This will tailor them for individual pleasure.

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December 7, 2009

Enjoy the beauty of the seashore in your own home!

Author: Cathy Lynn

LaserGlass Art spider conch

Dichroic glass art crystal paperweight sea shells by Patricia and Geoffrey Caplette make unique, well priced and unusual  gifts for the holidays and any occasion.  Gallery Five has beautiful and varied collection.

The Caplettes LaserGlass Art “Inner Glow” series of  sea shells is comprised of 45% lead crystal and are molded from actual sea shells. Each one is hand casted using their own adaptation of a casting method originally developed by the ancient Egyptians to make gold jewelry. Their specialized dichroic coating combined with the high lead content in the crystal is what enables them to make such a high quality product with such definition.

LaserGlass Art grand murex

LaserGlass Art grand murex

The shells contain a specialized dichroic coating which gives them their unique inner glow. Dichroically coasted glass is an excitingly different material first developed to provide superior reflectivity to mirrors in industrial laser applications. It is manufactured by evaporating extremely thin layers of metallic oxides, in precise thickness, onto glass in a carefully controlled vacuum. The artistic combination of natural shapes and optical coatings characterize Laserglass shells.

Patricia received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Berkeley. She has been a sculptor since 1989 and has won numerous awards for her work. She has been a glass designer and assistant to her husband Geoff in the hot shop for the last seven years. Geoff received his Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic University as a dichroic glass specialist. He has 20 years of “thin film” experience. He creates dichroic glass by evaporating precise thicknesses of refractory oxides onto glass in a carefully controlled vacuum. His extracting techniques produce colors of a purity unmatched by any other methods.

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December 4, 2009

Dec. 1-31 Jewelry Show: Baharal-Gnida Designs

Author: Cathy Lynn

baharal-gnida-show1Gallery Five Jewelry Show
Talya Baharal and Gene Gnida
December 1 to 31, 2009

140 Bridge Road
Tequesta, FL 33458

Talya Baharal and Gene Gnida combine their sculptural creativity and design expertise to form this line of celebrated and unique jewelry.  Using primarily sterling silver, copper and bronze, their pieces are both organic and conceptual.

Over the years, the continuous creative collaboration of Talya Baharal and Gene Gnida has had a broad and sweeping influence on each other’s work. The artistic and personal relationship flamed their innately intense curiosity and attraction for working with new forms, materials and techniques. In 1988, they decided to channel their creative energies together and as a team founded Baharal-Gnida Designs. The confluence of Baharal’s strong conceptual and design sense and Gnida’s creativity with sculptural forms and extensive technical expertise has impacted their individual as well as collaborative efforts and their work has evolved into gallery caliber pieces.

Their work was accepted to the Smithsonian Institution’s annual craft shows and the American Craft Council juried shows. Over the years they also exhibited their work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art craft show, American Craft Expo show in Evanston, Illinois and Crafts at the Castle in Boston, and many well-known galleries across the United States.

Visit Gallery Five‘s collection of Baharal and Gnida Designs.

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December 2, 2009

Featured Artist: Diane Prekup, fiber artist

Author: Cathy Lynn

cathy-n-prekup_blogFiber artist, Diane Prekup, creates colorful, one-of-a- kind, exquisitely handmade wearable art. Assembled and sewn, the fiber created is a web-like texture. Her one-of-a-kind creations are assembled with yarns, thread, bamboo, ribbons, silk, nylon, and velvet. She does not use needles, hooks, or a loom in creating her “gypsy lace.” Assembled and sewn, the fiber created is a web-like texture of yarns, suspiciously random in effect but purposeful in design.

An art director for 15 years, Diane made the transition from working with hot glass to working with fabric and fiber. In 2007, she was an American Craft Council NICHE Magazine Finalist in Fiber: Surface Design for her Velvet Shawl. She also won the People’s Choice Award at the 2007 Uncommon Threads Fashion Show in Chicago. She is a member of Florida Craftsman, Handweavers Guild of America, and American Craft Council and teaches classes in textile arts such as scarf painting.

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