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February 9, 2010

Metal mesh handbag “Gioconda”

Author: Cathy Lynn

A “Gioconda” spider web is a stainless steel mesh art to wear handbag named after La Gioconda, an Italian melodramatic opera by Amilcare Ponchielli (1834-1886).

Several grades of stainless steel wire mesh are used from the fine one with the appearance and feel of silk to the rigid one that serves mostly as support. 24K gold plating, 23K gold leafs, copper or brass mesh add color accents and widens their color selection. Other effects are achieved by various treatments involving ultrasounds, high temperature, pressure, etc. Multiple layers of mesh are used to create a moire effect.

The Bo’s Art Opera Collection:  Each bag is named after a famous opera — a truly unique line of handbags imagined and handcrafted by Bozenna and Lukasz Bogucki.

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