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February 11, 2012

Jewelry Artist, Joann Hendelman

Author: Cathy Lynn

Square and Squiggle earrings by Joann Hendelman

Jewelry artist Joann Hendelman is now sculpting earrings and pendants in fine silver. Her outrageous earrings are not quite identical giving them a more artsy look. Why should earrings match if our bracelets do not? Her “reversible clasp” for necklaces also allows wearing the clasp as a pendant giving the necklace greater versatility. Joann uses semiprecious stones, pearls, wood and bone, especially in their rough and natural state, along with sterling silver, brass and pink silver.

Joann’s art career began in elementary school when her art teacher displayed her wire sculptures and refused to give them back because she liked them so much! Undaunted, Joann continued her artistic endeavors.

Joann Hendelman hopes you will enjoy her jewelry with the knowledge that it reflects her passion and unlike what happened with Joann’s art teacher, you get to keep it forever!

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"Rain Off The Roof" by Joann Hendelman

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