April 4, 2012

Evelyn Brooks Jewelry Show

Author: Cathy Lynn

Evelyn Brooks Jewelry Show at Gallery Five
Tequesta, Florida – April 2-30, 2012

Evelyn Brooks designs are exotic, sophisticated and elegant. All of them are crafted with fine care and exceptional workmanship, offering innovative and inimitable jewelry designs. She works with precious metals, natural gemstones and seeds from the Amazons such as Huayruro seeds, a symbol of good luck, happiness and fertility.

Browse and shop 24/7 at Gallery Five.  Paul and Paula are celebrating 30 years of Gallery Five, Wearable Art and Fine Crafts in Tequesta, Florida.



“My inspiration is my Peruvian culture. There is an enigmatic sense to everything in Peruvian art, and as I grasp that magic, I connect and blend my contemporary designs and lifestyle with our ancient culture. I design pieces using different cultural elements that are reflected in colors, textures, mysterious quality powers such as Peruvian seeds known as¬†Huayruros that are said to have magical powers, symbolizing good luck, protection against negative energy, happiness and and fertility. As an artist, I tell the world about our fascinating culture through my jewelry designs. My artistic pieces can be worn anytime during the day or evening making them very versatile. I create a pendant that can also be used as a brooch, or a necklace that has a detachable pendant, or a necklace of adjustable length, giving my customers flexibility to suit the changing moods and contexts of modern life.”

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