July 8, 2009


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peggy_scarf_blogArtist’s Statement – Peggy Russell believes in creating fashion trends, not following them. She has been creating beautiful and unusual wearable art clothing and accessories since 1986. Bold patterns and colorful images.

Creative Process – People always wonder how we create our art. We produce each and every piece by hand, thoughtfully and carefully, one at a time. We work with hand mixed dyes on 100% silk fabric on cotton denim dropcloth, laid out on long worktables. Drawing our images on to the silk, then hand painting, carefully choosing and blending our dyes. The silk pieces are heat set, washed and ironed and are ready to go as scarves or stitched into clothing and neckties. The dropcloth, which has taken on the patterns and colors of the silks, is re-embellished and crafted into our bags and housewares.

“Art for the body and Soul” – everything is eco-friendly, no materials wasted.

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